About the Evaluations

What Is a neuropsychological evaluation?

A neuropsychological evaluation is an assessment that offers a window into your child’s functioning. It provides a comprehensive understanding of your child’s cognitive and emotional profile, a detailed map of his or her talents and strengths, as well as specific areas in need of intervention or support. 

This in-depth view allows Dr. Aronson to understand the underlying factors that influence your child’s functioning. The analysis of results is grounded in scientific research on brain development and function. 

Based on this analysis, Dr. Aronson provides a set of individualized recommendations tailored to support and facilitate your child’s development.

Who would benefit from a neuropsychological evaluation?

Neuropsychological evaluation can be beneficial for children who:

  • Can be achieving more, whether they are gifted, or are struggling to meet developmental challenges;
  • Experience a disconnect between their potential and their current functioning;
  • Are struggling in school or on standardized tests, or seem to be ‘bored’ in school;
  • Have difficulty remembering things or staying focused;
  • Struggle to clearly communicate needs and ideas;
  • Experience difficulty with peer and/ or adult relationships;
  • Are living with a neurological or medical condition;
  • Have suffered a concussion or brain injury;
  • Or for whom things just do not seem right.

If you suspect your child has an emerging attention, learning, or language disorder; displays characteristics on the autism spectrum; exhibits behavioral difficulties or neuromotor delay; or if anxiety or mood interfere with daily functioning, a neuropsychological evaluation can clarify diagnosis and guide intervention by illuminating contributing factors.

If your child has a neurological injury or medical issue (such as epilepsy or a seizure disorder, concussion, birth complications, traumatic brain injury, stroke, or other genetic or medical disorders), a neuropsychological evaluation can profile your child’s functioning and inform effective intervention.

What does the evaluation include?

The evaluation includes observations, reports from parents, teachers, and other professionals involved with your child, as well as a battery of measures that includes paper and pencil tasks, computer tasks, and hands-on activities. There are no shots, invasive procedures, or brain imaging in neuropsychological assessment.

Assessments typically include evaluation of general cognitive abilities, academic achievement, attention, executive functions, learning and memory, language, visuospatial skills, and motor coordination, as well as social, emotional, and behavioral function. Specific tasks vary as each evaluation is tailored to your child’s individual needs. 

What Will the Evaluation Tell Me About My Child?

A neuropsychological evaluation will provide you with an in-depth understanding of your child’s cognitive and emotional strengths and weaknesses. Dr. Aronson's analysis of results will illuminate the underlying factors that influence development. 

Based on your child’s unique profile, Dr. Aronson will offer a set of recommendations designed to support and facilitate development and to address your child’s unique needs, helping to set the path for success.